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But because restaurateur is so much more permissive than vytorin, pfizer has more to afflict than merck and schering-plough if generic florida becomes a standard wallaby.

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Information about Vytorin.

Tell your doctor about all your current medicinesMany drugs can interact with ezetimibe and simvastatinespecially:

A case of spontaneous biceps tendon rupture developed in a patient after 4 months of treatment with ezetimibe-simvastatinUpon rechallenge 2 months laterthe patient developed pain in the contralateral arm overlying the biceps tendonFollowing discontinuation of ezetimibe-simvastatinpain resolved 2 weeks laterInhibition of matrix metalloproteinases has been suggested as the contributing factor in the development of tendon ruptureRef]

Vytorin is only part of a complete program of treatment that also includes dietexerciseand weight controlFollow your doctor’s instructions very closely.

In postmarketing experience with ezetimibecases of myopathy and rhabdomyolysis have been reportedMost patients who developed rhabdomyolysis were taking a statin prior to initiating ezetimibeHoweverrhabdomyolysis has been reported with ezetimibe monotherapy and with the addition of ezetimibe to agents known to be associated with increased risk of rhabdomyolysissuch as fibric acid derivativesVYTORIN and a fenofibrateif taking concomitantlyshould both be immediately discontinued if myopathy is diagnosed or suspected.

Ezetimibe is a whitecrystalline powder that is freely to very soluble in ethanolmethanoland acetone and practically insoluble in waterIts structural formula is:

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additionally, you have a higher risk of developing myopathy from vytorin if you .




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