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There is limited information regarding off-label non guideline-supported use of triamcinolone injection in adult patients.

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Information about Triamcinolone.

This list is not complete and other drugs may interact with triamcinoloneTell your doctor about all medications you useThis includes prescriptionover-the-countervitaminand herbal productsDo not start a new medication without telling your doctor.

The extent of percutaneous absorption of topical corticosteroids is determined by many factors including the vehiclethe integrity of the epidermal barrierand the use of occlusive dressings.

It is not known whether this drug passes into breast milk when applied to the skinOther medications in this class pass into breast milk when taken by mouthConsult your doctor before breast-feeding.

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– 10 18 2012 meningitis from triamcinolone acetonide and cardioplegia , medications contaminated with aspirgillosis and exserohilum wasson bl.




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