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The dose reduction schedule for docetaxel when used in combination with XELODA for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer is shown in Table 3.

While it might often not be the first course of treatmentthere are many reasons for a physician to recommend chemotherapywhich includes the use of drugs such as capecitabine.

XELODA dosage may need to be individualized to optimize patient managementPatients should be carefully monitored for toxicity and doses of XELODA should be modified as necessary to accommodate individual patient tolerance to treatmentsee Clinical StudiesToxicity due to XELODA administration may be managed by symptomatic treatmentdose interruptions and adjustment of XELODA doseOnce the dose has been reducedit should not be increased at a later timeDoses of XELODA omitted for toxicity are not replaced or restoredinstead the patient should resume the planned treatment cycles.

XELODA dose modification scheme as described belowsee Table 2is recommended for the management of adverse reactions.

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january 30, 2010 i ve been traveling the road of living with cancer for almost 6 years and for 3 1 2 of those years xeloda kept me stable.




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